We are able to provide a variety of domain and web hosting features from basic email-only domains, web page only hosting, or through to full email and web hosting packages with full user access to aliases, forwarders, server based spam filters, shopping trolleys, content management systems, photo album features, and many other options.

Some benefits of owning your own domain include:

  • Never have to change email address again
  • Have Private and Public Email Addresses
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Professional Branding – Adds Credibility to your Business
  • Gives an Online Presence
  • Allows Mobility and Adds Simplicity to your internet solutions
  • Once you have it – no one else can claim it. (ie, competitors, etc)

Domain Names

Every email and web page requires a domain name. Normally email accounts are given to you with your ISP’s domain name. For instance, if you are hosted through Westnet you may have an email account called bob@westnet.com.au. The westnet.com.au is the domain name (owned by Westnet) and your email address is just a prefix to that domain which they own and control.

If you decide you wish to change ISP’s in the future and no longer want to use Westnet you will need to change your email address, or alternatively continue to pay your old ISP just to keep using your existing email address.

However, when you own your own domain name – you can change ISP’s as often as you want and your email address and web page will never change – it’s your domain, and you can do with it what you want.

For instance you may have bob@mybusiness.com.au as your email account and www.mybusiness.com.au as your web page and you may be connecting through Westnet, but this is irrelevant. It’s not part of your email address or web page now, and no one can see this. Everything is directly connected to your own domain (mybusiness.com.au) and not westnet.com.au. This means if you wish to later change your Internet Service Provider to someone else you can move your entire domain and nothing else changes! Your email address remains the same, as well as your web page This provides a much more elegant solution for businesses as well as looking more professional.

Have Private and Public Email Addresses

One of the problem with businesses is that staff come and go, so you may be faced with the problem that even if you have an email address for bob@mybusiness.com.au – if Bob leaves and Bill takes his place then you need to notify everyone of the new email address.

One way to combat this is to have generic (public) email addresses, with private accounts hidden in the background.

This could work as follows. Let’s say that Bob is the accounts person. You can set up a email address alias called accounts@mybusiness.com.au which forwards all email to bob@mybusiness.com.au. Effectively Bob’s email address is accounts@mybusienss.com.au, but Bob can also use bob@mybusiness.com.au for direct or personal emails. Then if Bob leaves the business (or even just goes on holidays, etc.) and Bill takes his place, you can change accounts@mybusiness.com.au to send all emails to bill@mybusiness.com.au instead, and delete bob’s old email address completely.

With the above setup the official ‘outside’ business email address never changes, it’s just the underlying internal / hidden email address that does. This means that if Bob leaves and Bill takes over, you can drop Bob’s email address so no personal emails continue to come through, but all business generated emails will continue to come through untouched.

Another benefit of aliases is to have multiple people receive the same email. Lets say that we have 2 people working in accounts, both Bob and Bill. In this instance you would have one outside email account (accounts@mybusiness.com.au) but email sent to this address would go to both bob@mybusiness.com.au and bill@mybusiness.com.au.

Have Multiple Aliases / Addresses

In the above example we demonstrated how you can use aliases to change who receives email destined to one address (accounts@mybusiness.com.au) or even allow multiple people to receive the same email.

The opposite can work too where you may have multiple email addresses that end up in the one account. For instance you could have the following public / published email addresses:


… and emails addressed to any/all these addresses can be received by Bob (bob@mybusiness.com.au).

We can go one step further too, and mix and match. For instance, let’s say you have 4 people working for you:

Bob, Bill, Jane and Wendy

You could setup the public emails to work as follows:

info@mybusiness.com.au is to go to Bob, Bill, Jane and Wendy.
finance@mybusiness.com.au is to go to Bob and Bill
support@mybusiness.com.au is to go to Bob and Jane
bookings@mybusiness.com.au is to go to Jane and Wendy.
manager@mybusiness.com.au is to go to Bob only.

Unlimited Email Accounts and Options

Unlike your ISP’s email, the hosting options we provide give you options to add as many email accounts and aliases as you want! You will only be limited by the amount of email storage space you want available with your hosting. You can add, delete and modify email accounts and aliases as often as you want without additional hosting charges.

Professional Branding / Adds Credibility

First impressions count. Having your own domain name projects a professional image of you and your company, normally associated with large companies. It tends to say to others that you’re a serious business person, operating an established business, in a professional manner. (Even if you’re operating out of your own home office – an online presence gives great credibility).

Also, by having your own domain, you are advertising your company or branding with each email sent out. For instance, when you send an email from bob@bigpond.com – you’re advertising Bigpond in your email address. However, if you have a domain with your product name or business name – all your email addresses are linked and relevant to your company, and not someone else’s. This gives a much more professional appearance to your end users.

Give an Online Presence

If you have your own domain and webpage, whenever anyone searches for your name on the Internet, your domain may show up with your web site on it. Because you’re the owner of your own domain, you can control whatever it is you wish to put up on your web site, and if you choose to move providers the search results generated over time by engines such as google will continue to point to your webpage, regardless of where you move it to.

Allows Mobility

As mentioned above, if you set up a web site or email account without owning your own domain name, you end up using the domain name of your internet service provider by default. Such addresses are not mobile. You can’t take it with you if you ever decide to switch to another web host. But ownership of your own domain name gives you the option of moving your web site to another host without losing your web address. You can pull up stakes at any time and take your domain name with you.

Adds Simplicity

With your own domain name, access on the World Wide Web becomes a simple matter of entering Yourname.com.au. No one has to write it down, they can remember it very easilly. They may even find it on the basis that it should be there: eg looking for holden’s ’s site? Just try www.holden.com.au – no need to even search the web.

Once You Have It, No One Else Can!

There can only be one “.com” or “.com.au” with your own name – and once you have it, and continue to renew it every year, no one else in the world with the same name can take it from you. Due to its exclusivity, Domain Names (especially abbreviations) become more and more valuable over time.

Of course, if you wait too long, your domain may already be taken. For instance, let’s say you have a business called “Business Products and Services”, and you would like to have an abbreviated domain called www.bps.com.au, or an email address info@bps.com.au. The longer you wait, the more chance someone else who also has a business name that can be abbreviated “B.P.S.” could take your domain.

There are many benefits to having your own domain. If you have any questions or would like further information on our web hosting options other questions, please feel free to contact us.