Software Design

We supply and develop a wide range of software for the business community, and specialize in designing custom applications to suit various types of business. We are able to develop from simple front-end applications to suit other databases or accounting packages, right through to complete systems for unique requirements. These fall under the two software design categories prototype and pre-designed.

We use the Delphi / Pascal language for Microsoft Windows systems, and develop in Win32 code.

Our Software Development service can supply you with:

  • Custom Designed Software to suit your business
  • Database and Record Keeping.
  • Graphing and Reporting.
  • Communication and interpreting external devices. (Such as linking software to external weighbridges, barcode scanners, GPS gear, Fuel Flow Meters, etc…)
  • Business to Business compliant. (Using the new Industry Standard XML file structured databases, or if preferred, the older CSV formats).
  • Auto-HTML encoding. (For changes to be made to your own website according to current data stored within your database)
  • Automated Internet Routines (Such as FTP’ing and other internet activities)
  • Onsite Development so staff are able to have direct input to the development of your software.
  • Consulting and Sound Advise regarding your business Opperating Systems, Hardware and Networking requirements.

We have the ability to provide you with applications including (but not limiting to):

  • Stand-alone Applications. (For single PC’s)
  • Network Applications. (Multiple PC’s Simultaneously)
  • Client / Server Applications. (Remote access via anywhere world-wide)
  • and more…

Unlike most software companies, we take the Agile / Prototype Rapid Application Development path. This allows customers to see the application as it is being developed and have direct input into changes they want along the development cycle, allowing faster development of the software, and a much less expensive price tag.

We have some systems that have already been developed as a working structure that you can use immediately , or we are able to develop software from scratch for other industries / requirements.

For any further queries relating to our services, please Contact Us.