The ticket section is one of the main hubs of the program. This section allows for entering and recording of 3 main different kinds of ticket formats: Receivals (loads in), Outloads (loads out) and Containers (containerized / packing loads out). The ticket module has the ability to:

  • Record all basic ticket information (From, To, Product, Weights, etc)
  • Record Product Test Results (Protein, Moisture, etc)
  • Interact Electronically with a variety of Weighbridge and Inverter Scales
  • Print Weighbridge Tickets / Weigh-notes
  • Print Various reports on ticket information (daily / by product / by customer / etc).
  • Send electronic runs / batches / ticket information to other clients.
  • Record of Stock for yourself and other clients. (See Grainsoft Stock for more information).
  • Can be linked with Contracts and Orders (or Grain Movement orders).
  • Transmit packed container details electronically to 1-Stop or DP World
  • and more…