Grainsoft has the ability to track and report on stock movements. Stock is mainly controlled by two areas. Tickets (which records the general loads in and out), as well as a Stock Journal section that allows manipulation of stock, including adding / deducting / regrading / changing of ‘ownership’, etc.

Stock allows you to accept grain on behalf of yourself, other clients, or growers (with Warehousing options). There are already a number of stock reports that Grainsoft creates, depending on the needs of your own company and/or those of your clients.

Stock is able to be segregated and/or grouped by various fields including:

  • Product (Commodity)
  • Variety
  • Grade
  • Season
  • Bin (Silo/Bunker)
  • Client (Owner)
  • Site (For tracking grain at multiple sites)
  • Season

In addition to this, stock is also recorded with and without shrinkage values, allowing you to print reports including or excluding shrink depending on your needs.