Business Hardware

One of the big decisions in businesses today is which hardware to purchase. There are many retail outlets now both online and locally that are ready to sell you some hardware.

Some questions you should ask before committing to a purchase are:

What are the warranty terms.Who do you contact for warranty. Many policies of retailed systems are that you call a 1800 number and talk to a call center to organise your repairs, and not the location where you bought your system from.
Various systems sold today also have a Return to Base (RTB) warranty term. This means that if your computer requires repairs, it needs to be returned back to base (which in some situations 'base' can refer to the manufacturers warranty center in Melbourne or Sydney). These can be for simple jobs such as replacing a power supply unit (which in many instances could have been done onsite while you wait instead of a 5 day turnaround time.)
Will they allow others to open up the machine and do basic jobs (such as install a new network card, etc) or will this void the warranty too?
If you are using this hardware for business critical needs you need to ask yourself whether or not you are prepared to meet these warranty terms, or would you prefer on-site solutions instead.
Do they able to provide good after sales support.What sort of after sales support do they offer. Are they prompt at returning calls and/or emails, and willing to come onsite to your business to assist with installation, configurations, problem diagnosis, etc - or will they expect you to find another consultant to do this work for you?
What sort of reputation does the hardware have.There are some hardware brands that are more prone to failure than others. Normally cheaper solutions have less quality hardware in them and the chances for problems are increased. Many resellers push for the cheaper brands to look competative against other retail stores. In the end, you need to decide what sort of balance you want regarding quality vs pricing.

When a client comes to us to source hardware – these are some of the questions we ask. We source quality business grade systems on behalf of our clients that are much less prone to failure than general retail brands. We also make sure that where possible, on site repairs can be done for minimal downtime, and that the warranty terms don’t restrict businesses from having repairs done locally.

If you are looking for a business grade solution, please feel free to Contact Us and we will be more than happy point you in the right direction for hardware sales from a business perspective. Onsite support and warranty are one of the key criterias, as well as using reliable components.