Backup & Security

We are able to offer the following backup solutions:

Antivirus & Security SoftwareESET Antivirus and Smart Security are award winning Antivirus software, firewall and spam control software. Unlike some more commonly known applications it does not hog your system nor does it noticeably reduce performance.

We have tried many antivirus solutions over the years, and believe that ESET is a true leader that relies on it's true performance, and not clever marketing strategies.

Many businesses are running on un-efficient retail antivirus software, which while not offering much protection, also clogs up systems with bulky processes and unnecessary processes.

We provide an antivirus solution that gives incredible results with protection, while been streamlined to be as un-intrusive as it possibly can on your system.

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IO Safe Hard DrivesDisaster proof hardware.

IO Safe drives are both fire proof, and water proof hard drives - perfect for the added protection you may desire for your critical data.

The ioSafe disk based backup solution is much faster, more effective and more convenient than tape based strategies. Depending on software, it provides the opportunity for real-time, continuous and automated backups.

Industry analysts have long noted that tape backups fail as much as 50% of the time. That's why many IT managers view ioSafe as a tape replacement.

If you're using traditional disk based backup, your data will be destroyed in the event of a fire, flood, or building collapse. These typical storage devices weren't designed to withstand disasters. ioSafe products are just as easy to use, provide the same level of high performance, but also provide disaster protection which is essential to any complete data backup strategy. It gives you great value for broader data protection.

With prices starting from as low as $299.00 they make a fantastic option for your onsite backup solutions.
Backup SoftwareWhile we develop a wide range of software, we also don't believe in reinventing the wheel when fantastic products already exists.

Two packages that we use are:

Macrium Reflect | Backup 4 All