Consulting & Support

Our Services Include

Business Grade Hardware Sourcing

We are able to source business grade hardware for your IT needs. One of the problems with many retail shop sales is their warranty is return to base, meaning that you could be without your computer for days for a simple problem.

We will point you in the right direction for hardware sales from a business perspective. Onsite support and warranty are one of the key criteria’s, as well as using reliable components.

Backup & Security Solutions
Eset Antivirus and Smart Security are award winning Antivirus software, firewall and spam control software. Unlike some more commonly known applications it does not hog your system and noticeably reduce performance. We have tried many antivirus solutions over the years, and believe that Eset is a true leader that relies on it’s true performance, and not clever marketing strategies.

Many businesses are running on unefficient retail antivirus software, which while not offering much protection, also clogs up systems with bulky processes and unnecessary processes. We provide an antivirus solution that gives incredible results with protection, while been streamlined to be as unintrusive as it possibly can on your system.

We provide a wide range of Internet solutions for both businesses and home.

Many traps exist for both home users and businesses alike within the internet market. Read our Internet Connections page for more information on how we can help you make the right decision.